Easy to Use

At PeopleDoc, we believe that business software should be as user friendly as consumer applications. We designed our software to generate an enjoyable user experience, and to make people's jobs easier.

PeopleDoc's HR Service Delivery software is mobile friendly and use to use

Visually Appealing

Attractive design encourages users to engage with software. PeopleDoc ‘s User Interface is modern, clean, and uncluttered. PeopleDoc can also be branded to reflect your corporate identity and to reinforce your corporate values.

Configured to Meet your Needs

You can hide or add fields, change the layout of tabs, and configure workflows to meet the exact needs of your organization.

Role-Based Experience

It is important to personalize the user experience based on an end user’s profile. PeopleDoc ensures that users only see content and tools that are relevant to their jobs.

No Training Necessary

PeopleDoc’s intuitive User Interface makes the software easy to learn. No expertise is needed to efficiently accomplish a task.

Designed for Mobility

Today’s workforce is mobile, and it is important to tweak applications for different devices. PeopleDoc offers a simple user experience whether you’re on a desktop, tablet or a mobile device.

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