Designed for HR

PeopleDoc designs its products to be easy for HR to use, and to help address the unique challenges you face, such as rising employee expectations and increasingly complex compliance regulations.

designed for hr

HR Language

PeopleDoc uses terminology specific to HR. For example, when users log into the system, they will see terms such as “employees” in the navigation. This makes the system much more user-friendly for HR admins and managers.

360 Degree View of Employees

Documents from any HR solution can be stored in centralized employee files in PeopleDoc, so that you can maintain a 360 degree view of employee information, from hire to retire.

HR Reporting

Reports are included to track processes and metrics that are key to HR. For example, HR admins can monitor document completion, onboarding progress, or established SLA’s for responding to employee requests.

Granular Security for HR

PeopleDoc is unique in the way it enables admins to control what users can see and do. HR admins can set access rights based on document type and user role, and also monitor actions using detailed audit trails.

One Place for HR Information and Communications

PeopleDoc provides both managers and employees a single entry point to all of your HR information, policies, and procedures; and also enables them to communicate with all HR functions from one place.

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