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Insights & Trends
from Top HR Insiders

Navigate HR trends with practical advice, tips, and insightful opinions from HR Gurus like
Sharlyn Lauby (HRBartender), Tim Sackett, and Nicole Lindenbaum. 


 with Global HR Leaders

These exclusive video interviews highlight HR executives' top priorities, their thoughts on the employee experience, and predictions about the future of work (in six minutes or less).


The Blueprint for
Modern HR Service Delivery

Hear progressive HR leaders from The Match Group ( and Biogen as they discuss their blueprints for building successful HR service delivery strategies and improving the experience for their employees, managers, and HR teams.


Why Worry? A Practical Guide to HR Compliance

Explore best practices for managing compliance and reducing risk, and learn how an integrated HR Service Delivery platform can help teams proactively solve for complex global requirements.

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