Employee Voice

Understand what employees truly care about with Employee Surveys

Reduce Turnover and Improve Employee Engagement

The first step in building a great workplace and culture that engages, motivates, and retains employees is understanding what they care about. UKG Employee Voice offers a modern way for organizations to collect and understand employee feedback, with the unique ability to analyze unstructured data and detect emotions. Powered by artificial intelligence, it provides meaningful survey results that help you understand the “why” behind employee responses so you can understand and act on the data.

Employee Voice Features

Collect feedback Easily set up and launch annual engagement surveys, pulse surveys, or check-in surveys for your entire workforce or segments based on location, supervisor, department, or tenure.
Compare against benchmarks Assess your survey results against embedded benchmark data for 130+ questions provided by Mercer | Sirota.
Assess engagement holistically Get a complete view of employee engagement by combining and analyzing structured data, unstructured data, and data from multiple sources.
Analyze open-ended responses Ask employees open-ended questions and then easily analyze the text data for underlying sentiment and emotions.
Get responses immediately Get your survey results immediately along with easy-to-read, interactive reports and the ability to slice and dice the data for deeper understanding.

Benefits of Employee Voice

The UKG employee survey solution, Employee Voice, changes the way organizations listen to their employees. Now, HR can understand the meaning behind their feedback and act on real-time, actionable insights.

Natural language processing (NLP) and machine-learning technology analyze unstructured data at scale to reveal true employee sentiment.

Gather feedback throughout the employee lifecycle by using built-in templates for key moments such as candidate experience, new hire, post-learning, exit, and more.

Regularly ask employees for feedback to ensure your organization focuses on the right actions for meaningful impact on culture, retention, and performance at your organization.

Quickly distribute surveys that employees can easily complete on any device—and receive feedback with enough lead time to take action.

Enable executives to dig into survey results to evaluate which leaders need support. The Employee Sentiment Score™ guides leaders on the actions they should take toward improving satisfaction and retention.

Using surveys and sentiment analysis to collect and analyze feedback is the first step in assessing engagement. When used with other UKG solutions, such as Document Manager and People Assist, HR can quickly and completely answer employee questions, resolve employee requests, and create personalized experiences.



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