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Actively and Securely Manage HR Documents

UKG Document Manager

Actively and Securely Manage with HR File Management


Go Beyond Storage

Instead of chasing down paper files or searching across multiple systems, UKG’s Employee File Management solution, Document Manager, makes it simple for HR to actively manage documents efficiently and compliantly. Create, sign, store, access, share, and delete employee files in one secure place, accessible on any device and available wherever you are.

UKG Document Manager Features

Document Generation Create simple and complex documents using information in PeopleDoc or from your other HR systems.
eSignature Enable employees to easily sign documents online with one click using Docusign, and automatically store these documents in the employee file.
Centralized Employee Files Create, sign, manage, store, and secure all your documents associated with an employee generated from any of your systems in a centralized employee file folder.
Search Perform advanced searches using multiple criteria, such as document type, employee, dates, or other metadata.
Secure Access Control access to files based on document type and user role.
Secure Sharing Securely share documents with managers, employees, or external third parties via online sharing spaces, rather than via email or paper.
Proactive Compliance Quickly view missing documents or documents about to expire, and easily request these from your employees.
Legal Hold Place documents under litigation hold with an easy click of a button.
Retention Schedules Set retention schedules by document type and geography to ensure documents are retained in compliance with legal requirements and company policy.

Benefits of Document Manager

UKG Document Manager enables you to actively manage HR documents from a central location, enabling compliance, security, and speed. 

Simplify daily HR tasks, such as creating, sorting and searching for documents, as well as routing them for review, signature and acknowledgement.

Quickly view missing documents or documents about to expire, and easily request these from your employees. Audit trails help you track who stored, moved, shared, or deleted files.

UKG HR Compliance Assist service is a one-stop online shop to help global HR leaders manage HR compliance and reduce employee data privacy risks.

Access employee files anytime, anywhere from a centralized digital file solution, providing one source of truth. Documents generated in UKG HR Service Delivery, your HRIS, or other HR systems automatically flow into the employee file. Paper documents can also be scanned and uploaded into an employee file.

Files don’t create themselves. Any documents generated as part of an automated process or from an employee request in case management are automatically sent to the right employee folder with the proper tags.



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