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What are Employee Experience Products and What Do They Do?

Every HR leader wants to provide their employees with an amazing experience at work. But sometimes, doing so requires a little help from technology. Employee experience (EX) products ensure that each time an employee needs something from HR, the interaction is a positive one. This applies to the entire employee journey—from application to departure and every point in between.

EX products support HR in the same way technology helps companies provide excellent customer service. They make sure employees can access HR-related information, ask questions, resolve issues, and complete HR tasks as easily as they find information on Google. After all, the secret to employee experience is treating each employee like your best customer.

Employee Experience Products: What Do They Include?

UKG offers the following EX products that can each be used on their own, but show their true power when used together.

UKG Document Manager Make it simple for HR to actively manage employee documents and stay compliant. Create, store, access, share, and delete employee files in one secure place, accessible on any device.
UKG People Assist Give employees access to a personalized knowledge portal, along with the ability to send a request to HR, view the status of the request, and engage with the HR manager in charge of the request.
UKG Employee Voice Understand what employees care about and how they feel about the organization. Collect and understand employee feedback, with the unique ability to analyze unstructured data and detect emotions.

Employee Experience Products: What's the ROI?

There are many benefits of using employee experience products. Here are just a few:

Legacy HR systems tend to be clunky and difficult to navigate. And, completing HR processes and tasks often requires multiple steps, systems and points of contact. But in our personal lives, we access information or get things done with just a few clicks. Today’s digital-savvy workforce is more likely to enjoy their workplace experiences if they mirror their personal experiences.

Despite the name, EX products also help HR operate more efficiently behind the scenes. They eliminate manual work (i.e., scanning, filing, completing forms and processes, etc.), enable more effective communication, and keep HR teams up-to-date on employee data and company policies. As a result, HR spends less time on administrative work and more time with people.

Consider all the different interactions employees have with HR—completing onboarding paperwork, requesting vacation time, inquiring about sick leave, or requesting a transfer. If these tasks are time-consuming or confusing for employees to complete, it can take time away from the work they were hired to do. Employees have more time for their real work when HR-related tasks are fast and easy.

At a time when average employee tenure is decreasing, a positive EX can encourage people to stay longer at your organization. EX products make it easy for employees to understand and navigate the mobility options within your organization. This makes them more likely to envision the next stage of their career with you, rather than another employer.

If employees have a negative experience with your company, news can travel fast and damage your employer brand, ultimately hurting your talent acquisition efforts. This is especially important today as almost a quarter of employees switch jobs every 3-4 years. While some turnover is inevitable, a positive employee experience can ensure your company is perceived as a great place to work by candidates and both current and former employees.




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