Advanced Analytics

Improve HR Service and Productivity Through New Insights


Intelligently Optimize Your HR Service Delivery

Armed with visibility into previous unknowns, such as how much time an employee takes to sign a contract and what categories of requests are received most frequently, HR can spot bottlenecks and track performance to proactively deliver the best possible employee support. Relevant insights and timely feeds of information in PeopleDoc’s Advanced Analytics arm you to prioritize resources and actions for maximum impact.

Advanced Analytics Features

KPI Monitoring and Reporting Monitor Key Performance Indicators such as SLAs (service level agreements) with dashboards and have a clear view on average response time, number of incoming requests, satisfaction rate, and more.
Configurable Dashboards Configure easy-to-read dashboards to reflect your business needs and measure your priority KPIs. Monitor processes, such as new hire onboarding progress, quickly view which tasks still need to be completed. Drill down into the dashboard reports to get a closer look at the data.
Process Analytics Easily spot bottlenecks and opportunities for streamlining with visibility into your HR process performance.
Performance Insights Determine the effectiveness of HR representatives’ performances as well as the value of existing information in the knowledgebase and overall HR processes.
Proactive Compliance Quickly view where are you are missing documents or what documents are about to expire in order to proactively manage compliance regulations and policies.

Benefits of Advanced Analytics

PeopleDoc Advanced Analytics offers the reporting tools you need to gain new visibility into the entire organization in order to improve HR processes and the employee experience.



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