Quick and Precise Rollout


PeopleDoc offers a wide range of services to deploy and continually enhance your PeopleDoc solutions. With our strong methodology and proven track record, we can ensure a timely and precise rollout.

The strength of our Implementation team lies not only in their technical expertise, but also in their industry knowledge and experience. Knowing how processes work in the HR industry and pitfalls to beware of, the recommendations given by the Implementation team address the people side of the equation to ensure a successful project.

Our Average Implementation Time is 8-12 Weeks

8-12 weeks. That’s all it takes for you to be up and running, giving you quick wins and big gains. We are able to do this because we leverage global best practices and learnings from over 500 successful implementations to pre-configure the majority of the solution. Once you become a customer, we will meet with you to understand your business and establish success criteria. We are able to configure the rest of the product to meet your specific needs.

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Proven Project Methodology

Our project methodology has been extensively tested, refined, and proven with over 500 successful customer go-lives.

When a new technology project kicks off, there are many decisions you will make. Without the ability to picture the end-state, making these decisions can be challenging. PeopleDoc provides you with a staging environment immediately following the project kick-off, removing any ambiguity around requirements gathering early on.

It’s important to be on the same page throughout the entire implementation to ensure a successful and timely rollout. Our approach includes an effective communication process and a cadence of weekly project follow-ups.

When you partner with PeopleDoc, you benefit from the expertise of our entire organization. During the implementation phase, PeopleDoc product experts and technical team will extend support to your project manager.

Experience tells us that the first 30 days post go-live is a critical period that helps determine the success of the implementation. PeopleDoc understands that this is a time where additional support may be needed. HyperCare is a dual support function where the implementation manager and an assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM) work together to ensure the transition to a production environment goes smoothly.



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