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All our customers enjoy the PeopleDoc care that has earned us 100% client retention. As part of Standard Care, all PeopleDoc customers are assigned a Customer Success Manager to make sure you get big results and ongoing value. For customers seeking a deeper partnership that leverages our experience in digital HR transformation and best practices, we offer several value-add services for customer success. These proactive programs give you extra guidance, attention and tools to speed and predictably sustain the results for even the most complex journeys.


Our value-add services are a big part of why we enjoy 100% client satisfaction.


PeopleDoc HR Compliance Assist is a one-stop online shop to help global HR leaders manage compliance and reduce data privacy risks. It includes two services:

• An online portal with information created and curated by a network of compliance experts on relevant HR compliance subjects, for multiple countries and regions around the world

• A quarterly ComplianceWatch newsletter to help subscribers stay on top of changes and best practices for these complex topics across multiple countries

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While undergoing organizational change, transformation of processes, or the rollout of new tools, it’s critical for employees to buy into the new strategy and way of life. With a 100% focus on HR, PeopleDoc understands the human element required for a project to be successful. We are invested in your success post-go-live and we offer several change management programs to help ensure the project sees widespread adoption and support. Options include communication kits, workshops, operational support, and more.

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