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Change Management

Today’s vision is tomorrow’s reality

Increase the adoption of PeopleDoc in your organization and ensure the success of your project.

Our approach supports the three major phases of a change management project: analysis, strategy design, and execution. We offer several a la carte options, or we can customize an offering to meet your unique needs.

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Our value-add services are a big part of why we enjoy 100% client satisfaction.

Strategic Design Workshop: A Turnkey Approach

• Organizational Analysis to define the challenges in communication, training, and governance

• Socio-dynamic Analysis to define internal project champions and the optimal communication channels

• Change Management Plan designed to support all employees, based on learnings from the analysis

Communication Plan: Engage Your Audience with the Right Channels

• Pre-packaged Communication Kit, branded with your company’s graphic identity, containing support materials such as email templates, posters, presentations, videos, and more

• Strategic roadmap to help you roll out the communications through the appropriate channels at the appropriate time

Training Plan: Develop the Skills of Your Collaborators

• Training program, adapted to user profiles throughout the project

• Personalized training sessions provided by professionally-recognized training managers via conventional classroom-based courses, virtual classes, or e-learning


Operational Support: Access to PeopleDoc Experts

• A PeopleDoc Change Management Expert will come on-site to help you execute your change management strategy

• Additional training and in-field support for your HR teams



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