Understanding HR Case Management

Insight on the product, technology and business case

With change comes uncertainty. With uncertainty comes questions. With questions comes the need for HR’s rapid response.

This year brought profound change for companies, leaving managers and employees alike with constant questions and concerns. For HR, it meant a barrage of requests to respond to, without always having the answers.

As the world of work continues to change, HR is pressed to balance looking ahead with responding to questions, filling out forms, and following up on issues.

HR case management software can help by creating a sense of certainty and consistency for employees, at the same time reducing the time and money spent on HR-related questions and admin work.

In this whitepaper, Understanding HR Case Management, HR tech analyst Sarah Brennan explains everything to know about HR case management software, without the jargon. She covers:

  • What, exactly, is HR case management
  • How HR case management software works
  • The business impact of HR case management
  • How HR case management affects employee experience
  • What to consider when selecting HR case management technology
  • HR case management case studies

Download this whitepaper and get a base level understanding of HR case management and its impact on today’s uncertain work environment.  

sarah-brennanAbout the Author:
Sarah Brennan,
founder and CEO of Aspect43, is a global hr technology industry analyst, advisor, and speaker focused on improving the impact of technology on people, business, and the future of work. She works closely with technology firms and investment groups on growth, expansion, or turnaround through data-driven product innovation, go to market positioning, M&A support, and coaching as an external advisor or interim CxO. She has been named a top global influencer in Future of Work, HR Technology and Talent Acquisition by more than 100 publications since 2009 including Huffington Post, Aberdeen, Glassdoor & HR Executive Magazine; been featured in Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, US World Report and spoken globally at public and private events.

Download the Understanding HR Case Management whitepaper

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