People Continuity: The Human Side of Your Business Continuity Plan

How HR Can Be Flexible in the Face of Disruption

Nothing can replace the need for a rock-solid continuity plan in the event of a crisis, but COVID-19 proved the only way to truly prepare for anything is to be responsive and agile.

This is especially the case for HR because you’re in charge of people, who are complex and nuanced.

Keeping the business running when work is disrupted starts with ensuring that employees feel well taken care of and can remain productive—it’s called people continuity.

But for HR to take on this role in business continuity planning, they need the right technology to respond to change with grace and agility.

In this on-demand webinar, get an in-depth look at how HR Service Delivery technology makes it easy for HR to:

  • Access employee records no matter where they’re working from, ensuring they have the most current information to work with
  • Give employees a single, centralized portal to find up-to-date information and submit questions, while making sure HR can stay efficient on the back end
  • Solicit meaningful employee feedback in minutes, giving leaders enough time to act on any issues

Make sure the service you provide continues without a hitch during events such as international emergencies, natural disasters, or regulatory changes. 

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