The Hidden Costs of Employee Turnover

How to get ahead of the problem with employee sentiment analysis

Learn the true cost of hearing your employees, but not truly listening to them

While there is one obvious fix to increasing employee engagement and lowering turnover, many employers have found that it doesn’t work for their organization. That “fix” is to simply ask your employees for feedback in an annual employee survey. Sure, that sounds all well and good in theory. But many times, employers don’t ask the right questions or fail to take action after the survey.

Organizations tend to take one of three routes when it comes to listening to their employees:

  1. Never asking for direct feedback from the workforce
  2. Asking cookie-cutter questions with no opportunity for quality feedback
  3. Failing to actively listen and take action on the results they receive

There's a better way to find out what your employees think and feelin real time. Learn how employee surveys and sentiment analysis tools can help HR uncover employees' underlying emotions.

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