The Complete Guide to Digital HR Document Management

Switch from paper to digital employee files

Dreaming of a paperless HR department? Making it happen is easier than you think.


Where does the time in your day go? For most HR pros, 60%* goes to admin tasks, like filing and completing forms. The culprit: paper-based HR documents, or employee files. 

Switching to a digital system for managing HR documents can result in dramatic time and cost savings. And, it lays the foundation for things like automating workflows and processes.

But if the whole idea seems daunting—all those filing cabinets!—rest easy. In this eBook, we break everything down into a four-part framework:

  • Part 1: Get buy-in for going digital—we list all the benefits to include in your business case
  • Part 2: Choose a digital filing system (and why this step comes before scanning)
  • Part 3: Prepare to go digital, including how to organize your employee files
  • Part 4: Maintain a digital HR department by stopping new paper forms from being created in the first place

With all employee documents in a single digital system, you can finally get out of the weeds and start thinking big-picture. And save a few trees while you’re at it.

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* “The CEO’s guide to competing through HR”, McKinsey Quarterly

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