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See why Optimizely chose PeopleDoc

"Employees can focus on their actual job and not have to work at being employees."

Through HR Service Delivery, Optimizely supports its employees “In a way that clears away the noise so they can focus on their actual job and not on having to work at being an employee,” says Ryan Higginson-Scott, Optimizely’s Senior Manager of People Operations, Systems and Services.

Based in San Francisco, CA, Optimizely needed an easy way to support its growing, global workforce. They also wanted a solution that aligned with the company’s 3 tenets of HR success: easy, essential and empathy.

In this 3-minute video, find out why Optimizely chose PeopleDoc’s HR Service Delivery platform and how it’s making life easier for their employees and their HR team.


Download PeopleDoc's HR Service Delivery Platform Overview

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