Live Chat Doesn’t Work for HR

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Conversational Care vs. Live Chat

Providing highly efficient and hyper-personalized services to employees at scale has been an ongoing challenge for HR teams everywhere.

Once thought to be a tool that would greatly improve service levels, live chat is being abandoned by HR organizations in favor of a faster, scalable, and more secure approach to employee communication - conversational care.

Conversational Care is based on the modern way we communicate. Like text messaging, it is a single channel for threading together conversations between employees and HR representatives.

HR Conversational CareTo better understand the limitations of live chat, read why PeopleDoc has chosen to take a messaging approach to employee conversations and learn:

  • Why live chat doesn’t work for HR
  • What conversational care is and how it benefits both employees and HR
  • PeopleDoc’s vision for the future of employee conversations

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PeopleDoc Tech Takes: Conversational Care vs. Live Chat. 

Learn more about Conversational Care
and why it is replacing live chat

Read why live chat doesn’t work for HR

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