HR’s Role in Mergers and Acquisitions

How HR can speed time to value, smooth integration and mitigate risk.

HR has an important part to play in M&A success


A merger or acquisition creates a lot of uncertainty for employees about their new organization, their benefits, and even their future at the company. The integration period is spent resolving employee questions and easing anxiety, which means the benefits of the merger are often delayed. This is where HR plays a critical role.

 An HR Service Delivery platform helps HR drive greater value from an M&A. In this eBook, you will learn how to: 

  • Shorten time to value by getting back to stabilization sooner so your company can experience the benefits of the M&A.
  • Reduce onboarding overhead by preventing costly turnover and cutting other short-term costs incurred during onboarding.
  • Mitigating risk by staying on top of compliance, even when there are many new employee files to manage.

Providing a positive experience for new hires means a faster return to productivity and reduced turnover—resulting in real business gains. Complete the form to download our eBook today and learn how HR can have a strategic role in M&A.


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