How HR Case Management fits within an HR Service Delivery Cloud

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Employee-Focused Software Empowering Better Service Delivery

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Make a huge impact on employee engagement levels and HR productivity measures when you use HR technology that provides your employees the same level of service as you’d provide to your top customers.

HR Case Management and Knowledge Portal solution allows HR teams to handle cases efficiently while giving employees an unmatchable experience. Employees can find answers to simple HR questions with a personalized knowledge portal, and automated workflows can be created for more sensitive cases for precision and scalability.

Our integrated HR Service Delivery platform can take your HR productivity one-step further. Once a case is closed, it can be archived within the employee file for active management and compliance. Finally,  Advanced Analytics provides insight on team performance in critical areas like employee satisfaction, service center scheduling, workload balance, and where to improve knowledge base articles.

Download our solution overview to learn how our HR Case Management solution enables HR to deliver consumer-level service to employees.


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