How HR Service Delivery Supports Your Team During a Crisis

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The current climate and global pandemic has people across the globe experiencing a myriad of emotions, and in many cases added stress and anxiety related to unknowns regarding their jobs and work situations. PeopleDoc by Ultimate Software is committed to helping HR teams remain agile throughout this crisis and support employees in the most impactful way.

Provide Uninterrupted Support


While many employees are transitioning to remote work, HR can continue to support employees and help them move to new work environments smoothly. PeopleDoc’s Employee Case Management solution gives employees access to HR information anytime, anywhere, and they can always submit requests and questions. Mandates and guidelines are changing by the minute, making it crucial for HR to send mass announcements and provide employees with important information at all times.

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Understand How Employees Are Feeling

With so many businesses directly impacted and being forced to lay-off or furlough their staff, people everywhere may understandably be experiencing emotions of anxiety and uncertainty given the current climate. For businesses still with the means to employ, there has never been a more important time to ask, listen, and care for their people. Perception is a powerful way to survey employees and understand what they are experiencing during this time of crisis. This solution gathers rich data and insights about how your employees are feeling, using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand key themes and issues within open-ended responses.

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Optimize HR Processes & Stay Ahead of Employee Needs

Using embedded dashboards and data visualizations in PeopleDoc analytics, HR teams can easily understand what employees are asking for, what they need help with, and how effectively they are being serviced. Leveraging this information, HR teams can prepare new knowledgebase articles, dedicate more resources to case resolution, or request expiring documents, for example. In essence, this data helps HR to dedicate resources in the right places to best support employees during this challenging time.

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How PeopleDoc Helps HR Lead Through a Crisis

PeopleDoc’s HR Service Delivery platform makes it easy for HR to help employees, anytime anywhere, from a simple question about remote working policies to a complex event such as onboarding new employees during this pandemic. Through seamless integration, our software leverages people data already existing within your HRIS to automate almost any manual process, respond to employee requests faster, and actively manage all related employee files such as doctors’ notes or leave request forms. The platform is built with sophisticated compliance, security and role-based viewing permissions, ensuring HR teams are able to prevent sensitive documents from falling into the wrong hands. Easily visualize what your workforce needs during this uncertain time and understand how you can maintain HR productivity.


  • Run and optimize your processes, including onboarding, internal transfers, and offboarding all while working remotely
  • Easily manage employee requests and rapidly respond to questions, no matter where employees are working
  • Enable transparency into processes and requests so employees can track their status
  • Offer updated policy and process information on-demand
  • Quickly generate new documents as part of a process or case
  • Reduce the workload for your front-line HR representatives by providing self-service options for employees
  • Measure performance to quickly identify opportunities for improvement and resource distribution

See how PeopleDoc HR Service Delivery helps HR teams remain agile throughout a crisis

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