The definitive guide to delivering an amazing onboarding experience

 An amazing employee experience starts with an amazing onboarding. 

Opening of quotation marks for Brandon Hall Group quote Organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70% Closing of quotation marks for Brandon Hall Group quote., according to a Brandon Hall Group study.1  With that insight, process mapping an onboarding experience should be a top priority.

And it is for many organizations. Yet, creating an impactful onboarding experience isn’t the easiest process. Managing countless moving pieces becomes challenging.

You use your ATS or HRIS to manage some onboarding transactions, but you’ll quickly discover there are still manual steps.

An HR Service Delivery platform is the answer to your onboarding woes! Easily automate backend, manual work for HR while guiding pre-hires and new hires through the process. It also makes it simple for HR to create or edit an onboarding process that is personalized based on employee attributes!   

The definitive guide to delivering an amazing onboarding experience and discover how you can use an HR Service Delivery platform to provide your new hires with an awesome onboarding experience, resulting in a better  employee experience, improved engagement, and increased retention.

The True Cost of a Bad Hire, Brandon Hall Group 2015


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