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The (Very Near) Future of Work:

8 trends HR Should Focus on in 2019

You can’t escape talk about the future of work—robots as colleagues, a workforce that’s mostly freelance, the impact of driverless cars. While these trends will surely change our world over time, what should HR pay attention to right now to prepare for the next few years?

Join workplace expert Jason Lauritsen, author of Unlocking High Performance, and Nicole Lindenbaum, Director of Product Marketing at PeopleDoc. As they discuss 8 Future of Work trends that are already starting to disrupt business and the HR function.

For each topic, Jason and Nicole will discuss the:

  • Trend - the data behind each shift and its implications for the workplace
  • Task - the actions HR can take now to prepare for changes ahead
  • Tech - the tools and technologies that can help HR lead the way

Don’t miss this fast-paced discussion about the rising gig economy, the increase in workforce diversity, the demand for instant gratification and much, much more.

Presented by:

jason-lauritsenJason Lauritsen, Employee Engagement Consultant

Jason Lauritsen is a keynote speaker, author, and consultant. He is an employee engagement and workplace culture expert who will challenge you to think differently. A former corporate Human Resources executive, Jason has dedicated his career to helping leaders build organizations that are good for both people and profits. Most recently, he led the research team for Quantum Workplace’s Best Places to Work program where he has studied the employee experience at thousands of companies to understand what the best workplaces in the world do differently than the rest. Jason is the co-author of the book, Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships, and author of his new book, Unlocking High Performance, to be published by Kogan Page in October 2018.

nicole-lindenbaumNicole Lindenbaum, Director of Product Marketing at PeopleDoc

Nicole Lindenbaum is the Director of Product Marketing at PeopleDoc. She writes and speaks about HR service delivery, HR technology, digital transformation, and the future of work. With significant experience in enterprise software, Nicole has worked in both HR technology and document management software. Nicole holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University and a Master of Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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