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Ask, Analyze, Act

Employee surveys can turn around a wealth of information about your workforce, especially the rich details found in open-ended responses. But for large companies, sorting through thousands of responses simply isn't feasible. You can't afford to get bogged down by mountains of data—you need to know what actions to take today


That's exactly what you get with PeopleDoc Employee Surveys.


The reporting capabilities within our AI-powered survey platform make it easy to hone in on engagement scores, key drivers behind those scores, historical trends, areas where your organization is doing well (and not-so-well), and recommendations for action planning.


Plus, the platform's configurable dashboards let you equip managers and executives with exactly the information they need, none of what they don't.


Experience it for yourself with our sample packet of PeopleDoc Employee Survey reports. Complete the form and instantly receive 14 examples of the powerful insight you get with PeopleDoc Employee Surveys.

Download the Employee Survey reporting sample pack

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