Improve Retention by Using Surveys (The Right Way)

Uncover how to lower turnover and boost engagement

Losing an employee costs more than you think

Anyone in HR is well aware of how pricey it is to lose an employee, but there are other associated costs that are often overlooked. These “hidden” costs mean that turnover is more expensive than you think, which is why HR needs an effective employee retention strategy.

Most companies attempt to combat high turnover by soliciting feedback through employee surveys—but they often make some common mistakes.

An effective employee retention strategy avoids these mistakes and uses surveys the right way so HR can finally get ahead of high turnover and low engagement.

In the eBook, Improve Retention by Using Surveys (The Right Way), you will uncover:

  • The true cost of turnover and disengagement
  • The three mistakes companies make when using employee surveys (and how to avoid them)
  • What sentiment analysis is and how it can boost the effectiveness of your employee retention strategy 

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