Digital Employee Experience Week 2019

Chapter One: The Role of Technology in Employee Experience

Chapter Two: Employee Experience Starts with the Manager Experience

Chapter Three: Capturing the Voice of the Employee

Chapter Four: Buzzword to Business Case: Get Buy-In For Your EX Initiative

Chapter Five: How to Assess the UX of EX Technology​ ​


The Role of Technology in Employee Experience

Our lives and our workplaces are growing increasingly digital, which is why the role of technology in employee experience is so critical. We call this the digital employee experience (EX). It’s the total of all the interactions employees have with the tools and technology at their organization—from recruitment to retirement. In this video, Jacob Morgan, author of The Employee Experience Advantage, explains: 

  • How much weight technology has on the overall employee experience
  • The connection between the technology experience and the human experience
  • The three elements of a great technology environment

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Employee Experience Starts with the Manager Experience

While there are many elements that make up EX—culture, technology, office space—the employee-manager relationship undermines all of them. You know the saying, “people don’t leave companies, they leave managers.” Managers are the cornerstone of a great employee experience, but all too often the manager experience itself gets overlooked. In this video, Jason Lauritsen, employee engagement consultant and author, discusses: 

  • Recent research that shows why the manager experience deserves special attention
  • The connection between manager experience and employee experience
  • Three ways to improve the manager experience


Capturing the Voice of the Employee

Another key player in employee experience who shouldn’t be overlooked is the employee. Their needs, wants and values should certainly drive the experiences organizations are working so hard to get right. But for large companies, it can be difficult to gather and analyze employee feedback at a rate that keeps pace with today’s changing workplace. In this video, Christa Degnan Manning, former analyst at Bersin by Deloitte, explains:  

  • What the voice of the employee is and why it’s so important today
  • How organizations can effectively listen for the voice of the employee
  • How to manage the data that results from capturing employee feedback across different sources

Buzzword to Business Case: Get Buy-In For Your EX Initiative

It’s no secret that improving the digital employee experience takes resources—time, technology, talent, etc. And while those in HR are likely to see the value of investing in EX, there’s likely other gatekeepers who will need more convincing, like IT and business leaders. In this video, Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research and Advisory, explains: 

  • How improving the digital EX can impact broader business objectives
  • How to get C-suite executives and IT leaders invested in digital EX
  • Three tactics for building and delivering an EX business case


How to Assess the UX of EX Technology

What is it about a piece of technology that makes it a good or a bad experience? That’s determined by a discipline called user experience (UX) design, and it has a profound impact on the digital EX. Understanding UX can make all the difference between choosing products your employees willingly adopt and those they actively avoid using. In this video, Nicole Harris, UX/UI Manager, PeopleDoc by Ultimate Software, explains: 

  • The differences between user experience, user interface, accessibility, and localization
  • What makes a good user experience
  • How UX principles apply to employee experience

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