Digital Employee Experience Week 2018

Learn how to design the best employee experience for your organization as digital innovation changes the workplace. Register for a micro-course packed with quick, impactful insight from HR experts around the world.

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For your organization to stay competitive, a superb EX is a non-negotiable. Although EX comprises a lot of things, HR has the unique chance to capture an employee's needs and desires across the entire employee lifecycle with technology. From everyday HR interactions (i.e., finding an HR policy) to major moments, like relocating or having a baby, learn how to impact EX in a digital world in our Digital EX micro-course!  

The details:

What does Digital EX micro-course involve?  

Get access to 5 short video lessons, along with blogs, eBooks and webinars, that explain the process of creating an engaging EX.

Where and when does it take place?

The Digital EX micro-course can be completed right from your desk, in less than 10 minutes a day!

Who are the instructors?

A mix of HR and digital experts, including:

  • Mike Ettling, former President of SAP SuccessFactors
  • Adriana Bokel Herde, former VP of HR at Biogen
  • Ryan Higginson Scott, former Senior Manager of HR Operations and Services at Optimizely
  • Jason Lauritsen, author of the upcoming book, Unlocking High Performance

What’s in it for me?

Employee experience impacts engagement, which is linked to better business results, such as sales and shareholder value. Need we say more? 

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Digital EX Week Agenda


digital-employee-experience-week-chapter1 digital-employee-experience-week-chapter2 digital-employee-experience-week-chapter3 digital-employee-experience-week-chapter4 digital-employee-experience-week-chapter5

Introduction to Digital EX   

Determine Your Digital EX Goals 

Design a Better Digital EX Across the Employee Lifecycle

Put Your Digital EX Plan Into Action 

Assess Your Digital EX and Prepare for the Future of Work

Take a study break! Work is a Relationship: An Employee Experience Strategy that Drives Engagement webinar

To your employees, work is more than just a contract. It's a relationship. And a critically important one. In this one hour webinar, employee engagement expert Jason Lauritsen explains how to design an EX through the lens of a healthy relationship.