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If you’re like most, you entered the field of HR to help people and empower them to do their best work. So, it can be frustrating when the majority of your day is spent on files, forms, processes, policies, workstreams—you get the idea. The good news? It’s possible for HR to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time building a people-powered workplace.

What’s a people-powered workplace? It’s one where employees are happy, productive and engaged in their day-to-day work, which leads to tangible business results. At a time when HR is expected to be more strategic, this contribution to the bottom line is invaluable.
Uncover 5 ways HR can be more productive by spending less time on busywork and more time on people work. Download our interactive eBook today!

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Alert clock to show HR spends too much time on manual tasks

Identify Wasted Time

Zero in on where HR spends too much time on manual, repetitive or inefficient tasks.

Gold, silver, bronze podium for improved hr productivity

Improve Productivity

Re-design key functions or processes so HR teams can work quickly and seamlessly.

Lightbulb for impacting the employee experience

Impact EX

Reallocate saved time to work that directly impacts people, resulting in a better EX.

68% of HR leaders say their function spends too much time on administrative tasks.

“How Good is your HR Service Delivery?” Survey by The Change Board in cooperation with PeopleDoc, 2016

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