Computer or Consultant?

A comparison of employee engagement survey methods

The rapidly changing workplace needs a survey method that can keep up.

The employee survey has been a staple in many organizations’ engagement efforts. But lately, its utility has been questioned. Surveys often represent only a single point-in-time feeling, they’re expensive to run, and by the time results roll in, the feedback is no longer relevant.

The reality is these drawbacks have less to do with the survey itself and more to do with the method used to administer the survey and analyze answers.

Today, AI-powered survey platforms provide a way to quickly (and cost effectively) launch a survey and get detailed results almost instantly. Meanwhile, traditional methods—like hiring a consulting firm—can be time-consuming, pricey, and result in only surface-level insight.

But are AI tools truly better than humans at analyzing employee feedback? See how both methods compare against 7 factors in our interactive quick guide, Computer or Consultant? A Comparison of Employee Engagement Survey Methods.

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