Practice Your Foreign Language Skills: PeopleDoc April 2017 Release

PeopleDoc Product Team by PeopleDoc Product Team   April 25 2017


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At PeopleDoc, we have several guiding principles that we follow in order to deliver the products you know and love. These help us keep things in check; for example we won’t sacrifice ease-of-use when we deliver you technically advanced features. In the April release, we focused on two of our guiding principles: Building Globally and HR Agility.

Building Globally
In order to meet the needs of our growing number of global customers, we routinely update the platform to incorporate new languages. With the April release, all of our products can now be used in:
Simplified Chinese
UK English

This is in addition to the 11 languages already offered. These additional languages give your HR users and your employees a better experience. We’ll continue to roll out new languages and will keep you posted on the progress!

HR Agility
We know it’s important for you to move as quickly and nimbly as possible when helping your employees, so we’re always looking for ways to give you more flexibility and efficiencies. In the April release, we’ve delivered several tools in Process Automation that will help you be more agile. Now, you can:

  • Watch a process - When you are waiting for an action to be completed in a process by another person, you can now view the process in a new tab called “Watching.” “Action Required” means you can now complete a task. This helps you track processes better and stay on top of your current and future action items.
  • Send a reminderPeople are forgetful. We know it’s important for you to be able to remind employees to complete a task. Now, you have the option to manually send a reminder to employees to complete a task with the simple click of a button.
  • Tree view - Sometimes it’s easier to look at a process in a more graphical way to follow the flow of events. You can still view a process template in a list, but now there is an additional option for admins to view a process template as a tree so you can follow the logic in another way.

Tree view.png

To learn more about these features and all the other great enhancements from the April release, view the April release notes in our customer portal. (Note: you may need to log into support through PeopleDoc in order to access the release notes.)


View the April Release Notes
View the April Release Notes