Information in Real Time: PeopleDoc August Release

PeopleDoc Product Team by PeopleDoc Product Team   August 29 2018


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At PeopleDoc, our goal is to make it simple for HR to do hard things. We know that managing processes and workflows can be overly technical and time consuming for HR, and ultimately it takes away from time helping employees.

The mission of PeopleDoc’s Process Automation software is to provide HR with a one-stop-shop to build, automate and monitor HR processes and employee lifecycle events such as tuition reimbursement, maternity leave requests, internal transfers, and onboarding.

To fulfill our mission and for HR to effectively manage these processes, we needed to provide real-time information about events and interactions occurring within our system and with external systems. And that’s exactly what we did in the August release!

Improving the Publication of a Process 
As part of our ongoing effort to provide greater visibility into the status of processes, we have added some exciting features to the August release!

It’s now easier for users to see when a process is published and ready to be completed due to automatic process status updates. Also in this month’s release is a new way to manage a process with errors.

A new status, “Publishing”, will appear after you click “Publish”. A process with errors, like an assignation problem, will not be published - allowing for HR to take quick, corrective measures. These updates make sure there are no breakdowns in a process, ensuring that employees are receiving great service from HR



Providing More Information at the End of a Process 

The beauty of Process Automation is that it connects not only all of the PeopleDoc modules, but also with external systems. With Process Automation, HR can trigger events and interactions in PeopleDoc and with the external systems and track the status of these interactions in one place.


Some of these interactions - like sealing a PDF document so that it is non editable, and sending documents to user inboxes and shared inboxes so HR can classify the documents in the employee folder - happen at the end of a process:




Over the last few releases, we have added new information to show the status of these three events in a process. If something goes wrong during one of these last three events, we will alert the HR user with details of the process so they can quickly take action and make sure the process runs efficiently.

In this release, we have added new information concerning sending to shared inboxes in the process details: Delivery to shared inboxes.



If the sealing of the document and/or sending it to the user inboxes can’t be done, we do not launch the sending to shared inboxes - allowing HR to intervene and review the process.

By having process status information in real-time, HR professionals are further equipped with the tools they need to ensure they are working efficiently, while enhancing the employee experience.

To learn more about the new features and great enhancements in the recent releases, view the August release notes (Note: you may need to be logged into PeopleDoc in order to access the release notes.)

Read About the August Release!
Read About the August Release!