Fewer Clicks to Get Your Information: PeopleDoc June and July Releases

PeopleDoc Product Team by PeopleDoc Product Team   July 26 2017


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We know you move fast and need information at your fingertips. This summer, we’ve made it easier for you to get the information you need upfront, getting rid of some unnecessary clicks.

In Process Automation, you can now:

  • See the task type when looking at a process, which makes it easier to know what the task will be without having to click into it. This is particularly helpful if you have complex or inconsistent naming conventions for your tasks.
  • As an employee, order your tasks by creation date or by due date. This gives employees an easy way to switch between viewing what’s due when and what was the order of tasks created.

Tasks by Date.png


And over in Case Management, you can now:

  • See the number of recent article views when looking at the list of knowledge portal articles to quickly see what’s popular. You can also use this to sort the articles to see which ones have the most recent views.

We’re always looking to help you increase your agility with new features like these. To learn more about the new features and great enhancements in the recent releases, view the June release notes here and the July release notes here. (Note: you may need to be logged into PeopleDoc in order to access the release notes.)

View the July Release Notes
View the July Release Notes