Evolving With You: PeopleDoc October Release

PeopleDoc Product Team by PeopleDoc Product Team   October 31 2017


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Some features we release are part of the greater vision we’ve outlined and planned for each module. Other times, we see how our customers use the product and we realize there’s an opportunity we didn’t expect to see. In this post, we’ll explore missing fields in Advanced Document Generation, a feature we knew we wanted to build from the start. Then we’ll discuss the evolution of the custom status in Case Management, and the updates we’ve made based on how we’ve seen users engaging with the custom status feature.

Advanced Document Generation: Missing Fields

In June, we announced a new feature: Advanced Document Generation for making document creation a breeze - even for complex, dynamic documents. We’ve been building out the capabilities ever since, and we recently released the ability to complete missing fields before the document is generated.

DocGen Missing Fields.gif

Instead of generating the word doc first, and then filling in fields with missing data, you can do it directly from within the PeopleDoc interface. This greatly reduces the risk of leaving a field blank in the template, and makes it fast and easy for you to complete your documents.

Enhancing the Custom Status

Custom statuses in our Case Management solution offer you the ability to add fields that are unique to your organization and processes - giving you the flexibility and agility to configure the solution for your needs. Over time, we’ve found customers using this feature more and more, so we’ve invested some time to make the custom status feature more robust and usable.

In the October release, we’ve made several enhancements to custom statuses, including:

  • A dedicated place to manage custom statuses
    • You can now use this feature to create a status, and soon you’ll be able to update and delete a status from the same place
  • A drop down list to select a custom status in the Triggers, Macros, and Automations section
  • Ability to filter requests by custom status
  • The option to display a custom status to the employee

Custom Status.png


To learn more about the new features and great enhancements in the recent releases, view the October release notes. (Note: you may need to be logged into PeopleDoc in order to access the release notes.)

View the October Release Notes
View the October Release Notes