Consistent, Accurate and Fast Document Generation: PeopleDoc September Release

PeopleDoc Product Team by PeopleDoc Product Team   October 02 2018


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We’re always listening to our customers and exploring how we can solve your biggest pain points. When you asked for a fast, easy way to create dynamic, logic-based documents, we built Advanced Document Generation. With Advanced Document Generation, HR is able to build custom, complex documents like employment offer letters in ⅓ the time it took them previously.

That’s great! Case closed right?

Not so fast. At PeopleDoc, we are continually expanding our use cases, iterating on our products and making them better so you can take your HR operations to new heights.

And that’s exactly what we did in the September release! In our latest iteration of Advanced Document Generation, we have improved the accuracy, consistency and speed of which documents are generated.


Standard Calculations Available in PDF Template 
A concern you had with the previous document generation process was that you were still reliant on HR users to correctly perform and enter important calculations. Concerns over this error-prone process are magnified during times when the volume of documents being generating increases, like in the year-end bonus process or during an acquisition where HR needs to send hundreds of employment agreements to new employees joining the firm.

In this release, we’ve added the ability to assign a standard calculation function (sum, product, average, minimum and maximum) to a field in a PDF template.



Note: The calculation will be performed during the document generation


This new feature enables HR to quickly generate accurate documents - reducing errors, while saving valuable time and frustration.


We’ve added the ability for HR users to manage blocks of content, otherwise known as fragments, in one place. Fragments are a piece of content like a document header that is commonly used across several document templates. Previously if you made changes to a header that was used across multiple document templates, you would have to go into each template and make the update. Now you can make that change in one place and it will update across all of the document templates.

This update ensures you are using the most up-to-date versions, improves brand consistency and further reduces the time it takes to create and update document templates.

Fragments are currently usable in DOCX formats via our API. The next step will be to provide a user interface to manage them inside Employee File Management.


New DOCX to PDF Conversion  

After an investigation into performance issues on the system, we determined that one of the main causes was our previous DOCX to PDF conversion tool.

To resolve this issue, we’ve integrated a new conversion tool that not only improves performance but also improves the quality of the generated documents by supporting almost all of the style and formatting functionalities of Microsoft Word.

These new updates to Advanced Document Generation provide HR an even faster, more accurate and consistent way to create dynamic, logic-based documents that reflect your corporate brand.

To learn more about the new features and great enhancements in the recent releases, view the September release notes (Note: you may need to be logged into PeopleDoc in order to access the release notes.)

Read About the September Release!
Read About the September Release!