Don’t wait to be compliant: PeopleDoc March Release

PeopleDoc Product Team by PeopleDoc Product Team   March 29 2019


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One of the most important and universal missions of the HR Team is to ensure a company’s compliance. HR needs to be agile and proactively manage employee data and documents in order to stay compliant with local regulations and mitigate risk for the company.

At PeopleDoc we focus a lot on helping you ensure compliance with things like retention schedules for documents, role-based access, etc. In March we added two new features that provide greater compliance capabilities when:

  • sending documents for signature to a candidate and

  • refusing documents sent to the Inbox.


Mandatory Organizations for eSignature

Many documents sent for the signature contain very sensitive information and it is important to be able to limit access to them. For documents signed by an existing employee, this access management has been easy to set up thanks to document type and scope restrictions. But this was not the case for new hires who were not already entered into the HRIS; a restriction based on scope could not be applied to their documents.


To mitigate the risk associated with this, we’ve made the “Organization” field mandatory on the last step of the signature creation process.


Now, an HR user will have to select an organization for the signatory, meaning a restriction based on scope will be easy to apply.


Note:  this feature is not activated by default. Please contact PeopleDoc if you want to enable it for your platform.

Delete Documents in Refused Tasks

It happens from time to time that documents sent to an Inbox by email or via the document request feature may not be accepted and managed by the HR team, so HR users have to refuse the related task.


Previously, if an HR user didn’t delete documents directly from the task before refusing it, all attached files were still be available on the platform. This was potentially problematic if the documents contained sensitive personal information.


So starting with the March release, all documents from refused tasks will be automatically deleted from the platform. HR users will be warned about the new behavior with a notification message:



Note: in order to manage this for tasks refused before the March release, we will automatically delete all historical documents related to refused tasks on April 3rd.

Find out more about our March release (note: you may need to be logged into PeopleDoc in order to access the release notes.) and how PeopleDoc can help you to manage compliance.

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Read About the New Releases!