Processes that Power Productivity: PeopleDoc October Release

PeopleDoc Product Team by PeopleDoc Product Team   October 31 2018


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As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our platform, we have made some exciting new updates to Process Automation in the October release that improve both the HR and employee user experience.

We have added key functionality to further drive HR efficiency, including the ability to deliver personalized email notifications at scale and automatically archive PDF documents to the right employee profile. For your employees, we have rolled out a brand new employee experience for Process Automation which will further enable employees to get HR questions and requests resolved quickly and easily.


Personalized Email Notifications 
Did you know that 82% of our customers processes are based on process templates? These templates help HR create consistent and efficient processes across the organization, are a huge time saver and also reduce errors.

When a task is completed in PeopleDoc, often times an email is generated to notify all parties involved in that process. But for managers with a lot of employees and HR agents managing a lot of cases, it’s not enough to just notify them that a task has been completed. They need more context into the case, the specific task and who completed it.

In this release, we have added the ability for HR users to insert variables that populate key process and task information into email notifications when they are created within a process template.


personalized email notifications


This new feature enables HR to easily personalize and provide greater context into a process, at scale. This saves valuable time and ensures that everyone involved in a process is on the same page - which further reduces communication breakdowns and gets processes completed faster.


Automatically Archive PDF Documents to the Right Employee Profile (Beta) 

We all know that any HR process is going to create documents along with it. Some of our customers generate more than 4,000 documents from processes per month and rely on Employee File Management to actively store and manage those documents! Previously, when documents were generated the HR user would have to manually classify these documents into the right employee folder. We heard how much time this took away from your to-do list.

We’ve added the ability for you to specify a document type when you configure a PDF template. If the “Automatic Archiving” feature is enabled for a process template or a specific process, the document will be sent to the right folder of the employee assigned to the process.


PA doc new
This update not only saves HR time spent manually classifying these documents into the right employee folder, but it also reduces your exposure to errors.

Want to be the first HR team to test drive automatically archiving PDFs to the right employee folder? Contact your Customer Success Manager to try it out before anyone else and provide direct feedback to help us improve!


New Process Automation Employee Experience 

With early beta access, you can now try out our brand new employee experience for Process Automation. With valuable input from our customers and users, we have been working hard at redesigning the employee experience to improve the usability and intuitiveness of Process Automation. In the future, this new interface will replace the current “My tasks” tab in the Knowledge Portal.


new tasks ui

You can expect a better overall user experience for your employees, which will allow them to complete tasks faster and get them back to contributing to the business. These updates includes:

  • Improved document reading experience for signature and acknowledgment tasks.
  • Signature and Acknowledgement tasks now happen in 2 steps: description is displayed first, then the employee can access to the document itself. It is an opportunity to give more meaning and support to employees completing tasks.
  • Rather than displaying the PDF first, we have placed the form in ‘Fill-PDF’ tasks front and center so the user can quickly and easily complete the task at hand. The PDF document is still accessible and can be downloaded by clicking a link.
  • Completed tasks do not distract users from completing new tasks. Completed tasks are hidden by default on the task list, but remain accessible with one click. This allows users to focus on the pertinent tasks.
  • Improved rendering, usability and accessibility of forms thanks to our new design system.
  • Tasks requesting updates (following a validation task) can be more easily identified on the task list. 

As with Automated Archiving, the new employee experience for Process Automation is in beta! We're looking for customers to help us improve this feature. Contact your Customer Success Manager to test it out.

These exciting updates to Process Automation are sure to help you complete HR processes faster. In addition, we've recently integrated Robotic Process Automation capabilities into Case Management to streamline these processes even further. You can read more about that here.

To learn more about all of the new features and great enhancements in the recent release, view the October release notes. (Note: you may need to be logged into PeopleDoc in order to access the release notes.)

Read About the October Release
Read About the October Release