Don’t recreate! Reuse with New Integration Options: PeopleDoc November and December Releases

PeopleDoc Product Team by PeopleDoc Product Team   December 20 2018


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In your company, you have many different tools which make your work life easier. They may be really helpful individually, but when data is not synchronized between your technology applications, it can be a frustrating experience. Manual work, like copying the same information in different solutions, can feel like a waste of time.

As a result you may spend valuable time and resources re-creating something you have already done. But what if you could just re-use what you already did?

We received a lot of feedback from our customers about new integration options we could provide that would help eliminate this extra work, and we’re happy to announce that the following features are now available in PeopleDoc:

  1. Integration with Adobe Sign (in addition to our existing integration with DocuSign), so you have the flexibility to choose the eSignature provider of your choice.
  2. Synchronization of specific data sets from your HRIS in order to populate picklists in custom forms.


Adobe Signature

You’ve spent many days, weeks or even months to implement Adobe Signature for your company. It works pretty well for the organization overall, but now you want to have more - send HR documents for signature and once signed, archive them automatically in your PeopleDoc HR Service Delivery platform. Previously, you would have needed to use another eSignature solution…

With the November release, PeopleDoc now offers Adobe Sign integration! Thanks to this, you now have more options for 3rd party eSignature solutions and can leverage an existing Adobe account.

 adobe sign



Use the eSignature solution that fits your company needs. Check out the November release notes for more details about how to enable Adobe Sign! (Note: you may need to be logged into PeopleDoc in order to access the release notes.)


Data Set list management

You have dozens of different data set lists, like your company’s legal entities, office locations, job codes, etc., which were created over many months, years, or even decades and are still updated regularly. You likely often use this data in different forms in Case Management and Process Automation. For example, you might have a list of job codes and departments for onboarding forms. This data is very important for your HR processes, but it changes over time and it is crucial to have it up to date in your forms.

Thanks to new API endpoints, you can now automatically update lists in PeopleDoc when you make a change to the list in your HRIS. A data set will be created in PeopleDoc, and you will be able to choose the one you need while setting up a form.

A new dedicated field type will be added to the form builder to allow you to have dropdown fields with an existing data set.


data list
You just need to select a data set for your dropdown list and all its values it will be shown in the form. The list will automatically update when you make any related changes in your HRIS.

data list2


data list3

If there are any changes, you will only need to make them in your HRIS and the values of all concerned fields will be updated automatically.

Thanks to this integration you can be sure to have your data up to date without any of the manual work! View the December release notes for more details about Data Sets! (Note: you may need to be logged into PeopleDoc in order to access the release notes.)


Beta Testers Wanted!

Want to be the first HR team to test Adobe Sign & data set lists? Contact your Customer Success Manager to try it out before anyone else and provide direct feedback to help us improve!

Read About the New Releases!
Read About the New Releases!