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Aimee Stone Munsell by Aimee Stone Munsell   March 21 2017


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LONDON – March 21, 2017: PeopleDoc, the HR Service Delivery cloud company, introduced the first online service to provide easy-to-consume information critical to maintaining HR compliance across the globe and avoiding costly audits, legal violations and public relations nightmares. PeopleDoc HR Compliance Assist features a portal of information created and curated by a network of lawyers on subjects such as HR document retention guidelines, electronic document validity and employee data privacy requirements. Its ComplianceWatch newsletter will alert subscribers to changes and best practices for these complex topics across multiple countries.


HR compliance and data privacy risks.pngHR leaders and compliance officers face the daunting challenge of staying current on a variety of relevant laws which often differ by country and region. They need to know which laws are important and decide how to apply them to digital HR practices such e-signature contracts, electronic records, and employee data privacy.  The financial risks alone of non-compliance are significant; for example, non-compliance with the new European General Data Protection Regulation will carry fines up to 20,000,000 EUR or 4% of total worldwide annual turnover the preceding year (whichever is higher).

“As we help customers shift from paper to digital employee files, they gain instant visibility into all their documents and can more easily manage updates, expirations and audits,” said Arnaud Gouachon. "These customers often ask for our guidance on how to best meet their data privacy and other compliance requirements across multiple countries. HR Compliance Assist makes this type of information readily accessible by HR, IT and legal teams so they can confidently scale their digital HR transformations globally."


PeopleDoc HR Compliance Assist provides articles, white papers and webinars with a focus on these sought-after topics:

  • HR record retention guidelines to enable confident management of document lifecycles
  • Electronic HR records management guidance to ensure validity of e-signature employment agreements, proper electronic distribution of HR documents, successful transitions from paper to electronic documents
  • Employee personal data privacy including what pre-approvals are required from employees, data localization restrictions and data transfer requirements


The service is available as a subscription for PeopleDoc SaaS clients starting in 2Q 2017.


PeopleDoc is on a mission to make the difficult job of HR easier. The PeopleDoc HR Service Delivery platform helps HR teams more easily answer employee requests on demand, automate employee processes, and manage compliance across multiple locations. PeopleDoc cloud solutions include case management, process automation and employee file management. 100% software as a service, PeopleDoc solutions integrate with existing HR systems, can be implemented in 8-12 weeks, and are designed for agile ongoing use by HR teams serving diverse workforces. PeopleDoc serves more than 500 clients with employees in 165 countries in nine languages with a 100% customer retention rate. More information is available at



Learn about  HR Compliance Assist
Learn about  HR Compliance Assist
Aimee Stone Munsell
Aimee Stone Munsell

Aimee Stone Munsell is the Chief Marketing Officer of PeopleDoc. Aimee is passionate about creating customer experiences that motivate business leaders to make the most of our digital world for themselves, their teams and their organizations.

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