Nestlé boosts HR productivity by 30% with PeopleDoc

PeopleDoc by PeopleDoc   November 02 2016


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Below is a summary of an article originally published by Aurélie Tachot on, a leading HR news source in France.

Go here to view the article in its entirety (Note: you may want to enable Google Translate on your browser to read in English.) 

Say it with me, “Change is good.”

nestle-hr-productivity.pngNestlé realized it was time to infuse technology into their HR processes after an audit revealed manual processes were not effective enough to manage 13,000 employees spread over 23 sites in France.  “Our HR practices were not adapted to our workforce, the challenges of tomorrow, or the image we wanted to convey to the younger generations,” said Leo Castro, responsible for payroll and personnel administration at Nestlé France. 


With the vision of digitizing HR and improving the employee experience, Nestlé France turned to PeopleDoc.  Their goals were to centralize and manage employee files with digital HR document management software, optimize contract processes with electronic signature technology, and offer their employees a secure place for important HR documents with a digital vault.  They now have seen a 30% increase in HR productivity.


Leo Castro explains the decision to partner with PeopleDoc, "We chose this vendor essentially because its solutions were best of breed, that is to say, solely dedicated to HR and not to finance or management.”


Results didn’t take long to notice - Nestlé was up and running in less than six months.  Castro spoke about the implementation, saying, “In cumulative time, I think it took us 10 days, spread over three months.”  To ensure strong employee, HR, and manager adoption post-implementation, the company piloted the solutions within 4 of their 19 groups spanning 3,500 employees and 55 HR professionals, and using 170 different types of HR documents. Understanding everyone might not be as accepting of the digital change, Nestlé began promoting the use of the new cloud-based solutions with posters, mailings, and in-house TV spots. Receiving a favorable response and realizing results in both time savings and cost reductions, Nestlé has continued to deploy PeopleDoc’s platform and has now digitized more than 61,000 HR documents.


This is just the beginning of Nestlé's HR transformationBe sure to come back to our blog for all things HR and for more stories like these. Each week, we will continue to deliver exclusive posts from industry insiders featuring tips to take your productivity and HR processes to the next level!

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See How We Are Making  the Difficult Job of HR Easier

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