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Göze Kacmaz by Göze Kacmaz   April 13 2018


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We’re happy to announce the launch of PeopleDoc Next, our new innovation lab! PeopleDoc Next is an incubator dedicated to driving continuous innovation at PeopleDoc. What kind of projects will PeopleDoc Next focus on? Thibaut Decaudain, PeopleDoc’s VP of Research and Product Innovation, explains:



PeopleDoc Next is an ambitious project with a mission to better connect our platform to everyday HR issues. Our creed is, innovation requires time. The purpose of PeopleDoc Next is simple: to imagine the PeopleDoc platform of tomorrow and create it! It’s an HR innovation lab very much rooted in the real world, which uses development stages spread over short times. Quarterly objectives are used to evaluate, test and validate product development.”


"The mission of PeopleDoc Next is simple: Imagine the PeopleDoc platform of tomorrow and create it!" -Thibaut Decaudain, VP of Research and Product Innovation, PeopleDoc 


A mission to drive innovation in HR

What’s the motivation behind PeopleDoc Next? It’s our mission to ensure that HR has the technology they need to address everyday HR challenges, optimize HR service delivery, and take a strategic role in digital transformation.


Body Image Illustrated Lightbulb BluePeopleDoc invests substantially in R&D—the R&D teams comprise a large part of our workforce. While they focus on specific product roadmaps, PeopleDoc Next will allow these teams to take a broader perspective by collaborating across user research, UX design, programming, marketing and support to develop innovative solutions that will delight HR teams around the world.


"PeopleDoc Next tests and develops product features that are not part of the official roadmap but that can bring a lot of value to HR. The team takes the time needed to innovate and move an idea from a brainstorming meeting to a powerful product that can be placed in the hands of our 4 million users worldwide," says Thibaut.


The power of machine learning

One of the innovation lab’s first projects will use machine learning algorithms. The same technology that powers Siri, your Netflix recommendations and email spam detection will be applied to document classification. "Our platform will soon be able to automatically recognize the type of documents being downloaded or created by the user and assign a predefined action (e.g., send for signature, categorize in employee file, share, etc.)," explains Thibaut.


We will regularly inform you about PeopleDoc Next’s progress here on the blog. If you haven’t already, subscribe to get updates!



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