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PeopleDoc helped us transform our Shared Service Center. Not only have we seen huge cost savings, but we have seen a significant impact on employee satisfaction.

JL Clamens
Head of Administrative Management and Payroll

Natixis used PeopleDoc to eliminate employee email requests to HR,
and maintain 93% employee satisfaction.

The Challenge

Natixis had already centralized administrative HR functions, but the expected increases in employee satisfaction and HR productivity had not materialized.

Employees had no way to find answers to their own HR related questions. Their only options were to make phone calls, where they were repeatedly handed off from one service agent to another, or to wait days for a response to an email request. Consequently, they were dissatisfied with the quality of service delivery.

HR service agents were also overwhelmed by calls and emails without any possible way to prioritize requests. They had no KPIs nor SLAs regarding the quality of HR service delivery.

The company was at a crossroads, and needed to transition from centralization to the full value of shared services.

The Solution

Natixis evaluated the market, and after reviewing of several leading solutions, the company selected PeopleDoc. PeopleDoc’s HR Service Delivery solution appealed to Natixis because of its ease of use, and also its ability to integrate with pre-existing solutions. PeopleDoc’s implementation team helped to quickly and easily integrate the solution with a Peoplesoft HRIS and employee self-service portal, as well as ADP.

Natixis leveraged the multi-tier platform to set up a tier 0 for employees to find their own answers to HR-related questions, by utilizing an employee portal and personalized knowledgebase. They also set up a Tier 1 for non-routine requests, and created assignation rules and automated workflows to ensure these requests went to the correct HR professional and were answered in a timely manner.

Natixis realized that the PeopleDoc implementation was not just a technology project, but also a change management process. They marketed the project internally in order to build support and increase adoption. The company also made the choice to start by piloting the system to a small and controlled group, and initial feedback was extremely positive.


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US and Europe


Delighted Employees

Natixis surveyed the 1000 employees who participated in the pilot, and 93% reported that they were very satisfied by the services they had received. In addition, 93% reported that PeopleDoc was extremely easy to use.

Out of Natixis’s 12000 employees, approximately 1000 employees use the tool every day.

Productivity Gains

The knowledgebase has greatly reduced the number of requests to HR. Natixis’s employees view 14,000 knowledgebase articles a month. They generate only 4000 requests to HR. Thus, the ratio of knowledgebase article views: requests to HR is 7:2.

Natixis was able to completely eliminate email requests The ratio of HR: employees served went from 1:250 to 1:300.

Real-Time Reporting

Natixis can now monitor the number of requests outside of SLAs, as well as additional KPIs such as time to first respond, time to close, and the percent of requests that remain closed.

The company can also identify ways to continue to optimize service delivery, such as identifying new articles to be created for the knowledgebase, improving request forms, modifying SLA’s, and identifying problems with external tools.


Financial Services




US and Europe

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Next Steps

BCPE, the parent company of Natxis, will next deploy PeopleDoc to their full workforce of 100,000 employees.

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