Merging Two HR Organizations Into a Shared Services Model


Hear from Kniché Clark at Change Healthcare, below.



After a merger, Change Healthcare needed a way to bring both companies’ HR organizations together. They decided on an HR shared services model, which would centralize the work of managing employee files and employee cases. 

To support the infrastructure, Kniché Clark, VP, People Operations, Change Healthcare, chose UKG for several reasons. Most notably, she liked that it was clearly built for HR rather than IT.

In this video, Kniché discusses how UKG is helping her team save time when it comes to retrieving documents, automating processes, and managing employee requests (which they previously handled by email).

HR Has an Important Part to Play in a Successful Merger or Acquisition

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Shorten Time to Value with a Smooth Transition 

An M&A is an emotional time for employees, and HR has the responsibility of reducing turnover and providing peace of mind. It’s a challenging time for all, but UKG’s HR Service Delivery platform can help ensure a smooth transition.

The platform’s personalized knowledgebase gives all employees a single go-to location for company information and policies. When they have more detailed questions, and they undoubtedly will, the case management features enable HR to provide prompt resolutions. When it feels like it’s everyone’s first day on the job, PeopleDoc helps your company put its best foot forward.