Giving HR Access to Digital Files Inside and Outside the Office


A Conversation with Bernadette and Bruce at Delaware North



At Delaware North, HR is on the move. A hospitality company with anywhere from 35,000 to 55,000 employees, they needed a solution for employee file management that HR could use without being tied to a desk. UKG's Employee File Management (EFM) solution met this need and more.

In this video, hear Bernadatte Bargnesi, Director, HR Shared Services, and Bruce Cramer, Sr. HR Systems Analyst, describe how UKG Document Manager is helping HR manage files digitally, quickly respond to audits, and keep employee data secure.

Give HR Teams the Ability to Thrive With Lean, Intuitive, and Agile Processes

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Navigate Global HR Compliance With Ease 

Global complexity, regulation changes, and penalties are just a few reasons why HR teams are putting greater focus on compliance. For organizations with paper employee files, or a mix of digital and paper, keeping compliant is even more complicated.  

With UKG HR Service Delivery all employee files are located in a single system and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. HR can easily manage local processes, quickly update forms, and spot missing or outdated documents. Spending days preparing for an audit will be a thing of the past.