Groupe Rocher Uses UKG HR Service Delivery to Eliminate Administrative Tasks


Hear from Daniel Gottselig at Groupe Rocher, below.



The workplace is quickly evolving and the HR function at Groupe Rocher, an international cosmetics and beauty company, is having no problem keeping up. Groupe Rocher wanted to provide a more modern employee experience so they looked to UKG HR Service Delivery platform to transform their processes, particularly signing up and onboarding new employees. What was once an admin-heavy process that spanned weeks is now completed by HR in about 15 minutes. Hear from Daniel Gottselig, Director, Compensation & Benefits/Integration HR Group, Groupe Rocher, on why he chose PeopleDoc and how the platform is creating productivity gains for HR.

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What if your HR team could give employees the same level of service as your best customers? While consumers have been enjoying modern digital experiences every day, HR hasn’t had the power to deliver these experiences to employees or their own teams. Until now. PeopleDoc’s HR Service Delivery platform transforms HR operations and the employee experience at the same time by making it easy for HR to help employees anytime, anywhere.