Balancing Global Employee File Management and HR Data Security


Hear from Kent Riddell at CSL Behring, below.



HR data security is top of mind for Kent Riddell, Senior Manager of Business Solutions HRIS at CSL Behring. So when the HR team needed a system for managing employee files globally, he was happy to see that PeopleDoc met their security requirements and integrated with their HRIS, Workday.

With the two systems integrated, HR now has a one-stop-shop for employee files. Any HR member (with the appropriate permissions) can access any employee file, regardless of their geographic location. In this video, hear from Kent on how PeopleDoc meets CSL Behring’s standards for data security and privacy.

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Global HR teams need a single source of truth when it comes to employee files. Productivity suffers when only certain team members can access data for certain regions, or when they have to navigate multiple systems to find the information they need. Enter PeopleDoc Employee File Management. It makes it simple for HR to efficiently manage employee files from anywhere, on any device, while controlling access to data based on document type and user role.




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