Building HR Service Delivery
on a Global Scale

4 Keys to Success from American Express


Learn how American Express has undergone an initiative to globalize its HR Service delivery in order to increase efficiency and engagement, as well as to bring a consistent experience to global leaders.

Prior to moving to a shared service model and implementing PeopleDoc to deliver these services, HR at American Express was regionally compartmentalized. After the implementation, there is now a consistency across regions, employee engagement and efficiencies are up, and some processes are even 200% more efficient.

Adam Krahling, Vice President of Global HRIS at American Express highlighted several keys to success for this major strategic initiative at American Express. In this ebook, we'll examine these keys to success and explain the steps American Express took to achieve employee adoption.

Creating that experience to engage our workforce was a heavy focus, and a heavy indicator of how we needed to go about this change.

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