Your Checklist for Effective Case Management
Nicole Lindenbaum

By: Nicole Lindenbaum on September 14th, 2017

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Your Checklist for Effective Case Management

HR Case Management

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Effectively managing employee requests is foundational to successful HR operations. To be effective, you need a way for employees to submit their inquiries to the right person or team in HR, and for HR to easily track, manage, and resolve requests. HR Case Management technology makes this process simple, both for your employees and your HR team. It enables employees to submit and then keep track of the status of their request, and it makes sure requests get to the right HR rep, who can easily collaborate on or escalate a case if need be. We’ve put together a Checklist for Effective Case Management to help you prioritize and ensure your HR operations run smoothly.

icn_check (1).png Provide Employees with the Information They Need

It’s not enough to just make HR information available for employees; employees need to be able to access information quickly and intuitively. In the digital era, they want to be able to find information and answers to their questions on-demand, from anywhere. And when it’s easy for employees to get information easily - the way they expect to with Google - not only are they happier but you’ve saved your HR reps valuable time. A Knowledge Portal is a solution that provides personalized information about HR policies and processes, accessible from any mobile device. From directly within the Portal, they can also take action, such as filling out related forms. Employees can also submit questions directly to HR through the Portal if they can’t find the information they need on their own.

icn_check (1).png Get Requests into the Right Hands
Routing employee requests to the right HR rep can save significant amounts of time and frustration. It can be exasperating for an employee to be transferred to different reps who can’t help them. And of course, transferring a case from rep to rep means it will take that much longer for the case to be resolved. A Case Management solution enables HR to create workflows so that requests are automatically routed to the right HR rep or team as soon as it’s submitted. This helps ensure that cases are resolved as quickly as possible and employees receive a better standard of service, leading to a positive employee experience.

icn_check (1).png Make it Easy for HR to Manage, Track, and Escalate Cases
Your Checklist for Effective Case Management.pngEffective case management is crucial for saving your HR team time and reducing the risk of errors. Without an easy way to manage cases, HR reps deal with employee requests manually - and it can be easy to lose track of the status of each case. When an HR rep needs to collaborate on or escalate a request, they may have to verbally convey the request history which runs the risk of omitting important details. Case management technology provides a way to centralize requests, and it ensures the case history is attached to the request. This saves your team the time and effort of manually relaying information. It also means that the Subject Matter Expert or Center of Excellence receiving the escalated case has all the information needed to easily and quickly resolve the case without having to chase down information.
icn_check (1).png Measure and Optimize
Data that provides in-depth insights into your HR operations and performance can help you make continuous improvements. You can use analytics to monitor the types of requests your team receives most often, and you can track essential metrics like SLA performance and individual HR rep performance. An HR Case Management solution generates easy-to-read reports for these datasets, with online dashboards so it’s easy to view, organize, and understand reports and trends. With all this information on hand, you can pinpoint inefficiencies and make informed decisions about changes that will help improve your HR service delivery.

When your approach to resolving employee requests, questions, and cases encompasses these key points, you’ll yield impressive results. You’ll save HR time and provide positive employee experiences, translating into increased productivity on both sides.
Allow HR teams to handle cases  efficiently while providing employees  an unmatchable experience
Allow HR teams to handle cases  efficiently while providing employees  an unmatchable experience

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