Why Invest in an HR Service Delivery Platform?
Nicole Lindenbaum

By: Nicole Lindenbaum on September 22nd, 2017

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Why Invest in an HR Service Delivery Platform?

HR Service Delivery

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Businesses are now operating in a new world. The rise of digital experiences in our everyday lives has reshaped employee expectations, and meeting employee expectations is now a fundamental driver for achieving valuable business results. Additionally, finding and retaining the right employees has been put center-stage by companies looking to achieve a real competitive advantage. As companies transform the way they interact with employees, HR has been spotlighted as a crucial component for maximizing talent retention, positive employee experiences and employee engagement, and productivity. In a quickly changing world, now is the time to invest in the tools and technology that will enable your business to see real results.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how investing in a modern HR Service Delivery platform can positively and dramatically affect your employees and your business outcomes.

Why Invest in an HR Service Delivery Platform.pngDrive Productivity and Employee Engagement

You may already know how important it is to give your employees a consumer-level experience with workplace technology. Today, we’re constantly exposed to technological innovations, and it’s important to give employees the same standard of tech experiences at work as they have in their everyday lives. We all expect technology to be available 24/7, personalized for us, and accessible from any device. An HR Service Delivery platform provides personalized content on-demand. And an intuitive user experience drives adoption. When employees have the easy-to-use technology they need in order to accomplish tasks in the workplace, and it works the way they expect technology today to work, they walk away with a positive employee experience - which we know leads to increased employee engagement. And employee engagement translates into increased productivity, having a real effect on your business outcomes.

Reinvent HR Operations

Cloud-based HR Service Delivery software can truly transform your business by reducing costs, improving the employee experience, and freeing up HR from repetitive, manual tasks. An HR Service Delivery platform gives you the ability to streamline HR operations and makes it easy for your HR team to support employees. HR teams can create, automate, and edit processes without having to tap IT resources. Manual, repetitive tasks are eliminated from an HR rep’s daily routine, giving your team more time to focus on helping employees. When your HR team has the right technology to get the job done, you can provide the best service to employees quickly and efficiently.

Employee Engagement and HR Service

When you invest in an HR Service Delivery platform, you need to look beyond just the basic functionality in order to get the most bang for your buck. For instance, your platform should integrate with your existing HRIS and other HR systems so that employee data already in your HRIS personalizes your employees’ experiences. And if your employees work in different parts of the world, your platform should allow you build in exceptions to your global processes to meet local regulations and policies, providing localized support for all of your employees.

To find out more about what to consider when investing in HR Service Delivery technology, check out our Buyer’s Guide! You’ll find info on what to look for, questions to ask potential vendors, and much more.

Choosing The Right HR Service Delivery  Technology For Your Organization:  A Buyer's Guide
Choosing The Right HR Service Delivery  Technology For Your Organization:  A Buyer's Guide

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