Why Employee-Focused Software Matters for HR
Nicole Lindenbaum

By: Nicole Lindenbaum on July 18th, 2017

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Why Employee-Focused Software Matters for HR

Employee Experience  |  HR Operational Efficiency

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To boost positive experiences with HR and, consequently, employee engagement, you can offer employees the same level of service as your customers. Rather than structuring your HR Service Delivery to consider documents and tickets first, you can provide a consumer grade experience with software that’s built with employees in mind.

An HR Service Delivery Platform should be easy for employees to use, while also making it easier for HR to help employees. Additionally, HR services should be tailored to individual employees, so that they receive the most relevant information and content. Providing software with an employee focus helps to ensure that your employees receive an advanced level of support.

Tailoring HR Services to Individual Employees

Positioning employees as the primary focus of your HR services means that information and content should be personalized for employees. In contrast with other employee services, such as IT support, it’s necessary for HR to address employees’ career circumstances and life situations.

Why Employee-Focused Software Matters for HR.pngIT and HR support operate in distinctly separate ways. For example, take four different employees who each have different contract agreements and work at different levels in different regions. Answers to IT questions, like how to reset a password, will be the same for each of the four employees. However, answers to HR questions, such as maternity leave policy, will be different for each employee. And the actual process to request and attain leave will also be vastly different. HR technology should be built with an employee focus so that it supports life events that are much more complex than an IT question.

Excellent HR services lead to more positive HR experiences for employees. A service delivery platform with an employee focus can help elevate employee engagement, while making it easier for HR to provide personalized and efficient support. Advanced service delivery and engaged employees can lead to better productivity, bringing your organization valuable business results.

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