What Modern HR Looks Like in a Service World

What Modern HR Looks Like in a Service World

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Recently, we explored the ways that the delivery of services has fundamentally changed in the era of the Service World. Here, we’ll examine how modern HR Service Delivery can give your employees a Service World experience. HR Service Delivery has come a long way, and investing in state-of-the-art technology can help your company achieve fast and impressive results over older methods.

What Modern HR Looks Like in a Service World.jpgA modern HR Service Delivery platform has the ability to improve employee experience by providing fast, easy, and tailored support. Improved employee experience leads to higher levels of employee engagement, which studies have definitively shown as having tangible business benefits.

Additionally, a modern service delivery platform also improves the experience of HR teams by giving them the tools they need to be more productive and help more employees. They are able to spend less time on manual and time-consuming processes that can be automated through the platform, and spend more time on complex issues or business strategy. The platform also provides HR with personalized information about employees so they can provide more informed answers and tailored support.

HR Eras Gone By: the Old World and the Support World

HR Service Delivery has evolved with the Service World, beyond the original service methods of the Old World and Support World. Old World interactions were asynchronous, requiring employees to place a phone call or wait for office hours. The service provided was personal but highly variable, labor-intensive, prone to errors, and expensive.

When we entered the Support World, and the age of self-service, it was exciting to provide universal access to HR information. However, service delivery was less than ideal. The software was cumbersome and hard to maintain, integrate, and host. Information portals had steep learning curves because they were essentially written as encyclopedias, and personalized service was impossible to deliver because of the IT skills and coding required. So while some costs were reduced due to Tier 0 service, it was extremely difficult for employees to find the information they needed, causing frustration. Employees often reverted back to getting on the phone or sending an email rather than spend time scanning a multitude of one-size-fits-all articles.

Better HR Service Through Better Technology

Now that we’ve entered the Service World era, we are enjoying exponentially improved technology and services for HR. An HR Service Delivery platform combines on-demand access to information that’s truly personalized: portals already “know” an employee’s profile, history, and role so that viewable content is always tailored and contextualized. And HR representatives are quickly provided this kind of information in order to deliver a tailored response for employee requests.

In a modern HR Service Delivery platform, HR processes are automated to relieve HR of repetitive, manual work, while still personalizing each process for the employee. Because the software is cloud-based - a big contributor to the dawn of the Service World - the platform is easy to integrate with your existing systems and automatically get updates as new features become available, without asking IT for time or resources.

Lastly, and crucially, an HR Service Delivery platform is designed with the user in mind, so that it’s easy to learn and use. Positioning users at the center of HR Service Delivery means that employees receive a customer service level of support every day. They can find answers to their questions faster and easily get help when they need it, providing them with an improved, positive employee experience.


HR in a Service World helps save both employees and HR valuable time and energy, so they have more resources to put towards ensuring that yours is a successful organization.

Go Above and Beyond:  Conquer all your HR Initiatives with  an HR Service Delivery platform
Go Above and Beyond:  Conquer all your HR Initiatives with  an HR Service Delivery platform

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