[Video] “The work has changed. Our employees are clients. Our candidates are clients.”
Jolene Nicotina

By: Jolene Nicotina on February 14th, 2018

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[Video] “The work has changed. Our employees are clients. Our candidates are clients.”

Employee Experience

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Bureau Veritas, an international certification agency, began its digital HR journey in 2014 by implementing a global HRIS to manage the data for their 73,000 employees. They decided to take their digitization efforts even further by automating and simplifying all their employee-related administrative activities with PeopleDoc's HR Service Delivery platform, which seamlessly integrates with their HRIS platform, SAP SuccessFactors. The results have gone beyond just saving time, the HR department at Bureau Veritas has completely changed—for the better.


Bureau Veritas’ HR team has been able to accelerate the rate at which they respond to employees, thanks to PeopleDoc’s collaborative case management platform. They also provide employees with a self-serve knowledge portal, which saves time for both the HR team and the employees. Together, these capabilities have elevated the service they provide and shifted the HR department's outlook. “The work has changed. Our employees are clients. Our candidates are clients,” says Fernanda Ribeiro, VP,  Human Resources, Operations and Digitization, Bureau Veritas.


Along with providing employee-centric service, the PeopleDoc platform will also allow Bureau Veritas to operate more like HR business partner. With less administrative work to do, HR can spend more time collaborating with managers. “We can make sure we’re compliant on our employee administrative activities and, on the other end, we have more time to work on people development and recruit the talent for today and for tomorrow,” says Fernanda.


Hear Fernanda’s story in her own words. Watch the video:




Learn more about the technology Fernanda uses in this short video about PeopleDoc’s HR Case Management and Knowledge Portal:

Watch the Video
Watch the Video

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