"HR Service Delivery Matters to Us Because We
Jolene Nicotina

By: Jolene Nicotina on March 21st, 2018

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"HR Service Delivery Matters to Us Because We're a People Company."

HR Service Delivery

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It’s no surprise that Atos set out to digitally transform its HR operations. They’re in the business of providing digital services to companies across the globe, after all. But, Atos doesn’t believe the more technology, the better. “There’s a lot of new technologies to implement. It’s important to always keep in mind that technology and processes are only good as long as they serve the employees, serve the company and support the service quality we intend to deliver, ” says Jean-Michel Estrade, SVP HR - Global Digitalization & Services, Atos. 


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Atos approached its digital transformation by first defining the business challenge they wanted to solve and then looking at what technology would help them address it. They knew they wanted to simplify their HR processes and automate as much as possible with employee self-service. After evaluating their options, they decided to use PeopleDoc’s HR Service Delivery platform to achieve their goals.


“We chose PeopleDoc because it stood out in the market as very HR-driven and was the perfect element for helping us with our e-transformation. The fact that the team was very supportive throughout the RFP process and the delivery team rose to our expectations justified our choice, ” says Jean-Michel.


Alongside their productivity and efficiency goals, Atos also wanted to deliver a better employee experience. “HR service delivery matters to a company like us because we’re a people company. It’s important that our employees feel like they’re taken care of...and that the services we deliver to them are up to the standard of services we provide to our customers.”  


Hear what Jean-Michel has to say about technology, HR service delivery and PeopleDoc in this short video:




Jean-Michel gives loads of advice on digital HR transformation in our Q&A:

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Read the interview

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